No profit on pandemic


COVID-19 spreads like wildfire. Solutions must travel even faster. No one is safe until everyone has access to safe and effective treatments and vaccines.

We all have the right to a cure.

Sign this European citizens’ initiative, and ensure that the European Commission does everything in its power to make anti-pandemic vaccines and treatments a global public good, freely accessible to everyone.


Our demands?


Health for all

We all have a right to health. In a pandemic, research and technologies should be shared broadly, fast, across the globe. A private company shouldn’t have the power to decide who has access to treatments or vaccines and at what price. Patents provide one single company with the monopoly control over essential pharmaceutical products. This limits their availability and increases their cost to those who need them.


Transparency now!

Data on production costs, public contributions and the effectiveness and safety of vaccines and medicines should be public. Contracts between public authorities and pharmaceutical companies must be made public.


Public money, public control

Taxpayers paid for the research and development of vaccines and treatments. What has been paid for by the people should remain in people’s hands. We cannot allow big pharmaceutical companies to privatize crucial health technologies that have been developed with public resources.


No profit on pandemic

Big pharmaceutical companies should not profit from this pandemic at the expense of people’s health. A collective threat requires solidarity, not private profiteering. Public funds should always come with guarantees on availability and affordability. Big Pharma shouldn’t be allowed to plunder social security systems.

No Profit on Pandemic

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No Profit on Pandemic

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A European Citizens’ Initiative is a way to propose concrete legislative action to the European Commission.

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